FlexGuard vs Omega XL

Whilst Flex Guard and Omega XL are two of the more popular joint supplements on the market right now, neither of them are anywhere near the best.

That said, Omega XL is definitely worse value for money, considering the fact that they only offer 300mg of Omega 3, which regardless of how it’s blended can’t offer even half of the recommended amount of EPA and DHA (the two fatty acids in omega that effect joints). 

As such most of their claims are bunk, which is of course why there have been lawsuits against Omega XL. Not to mention the recurring billing, the inability customers have to cancel and all of the other awful practices that Omega XL commit, we'd say avoid them at all costs. 

As for FlexGuard, it’s fine, it’s largely a collagen supplement, which isn’t really the best thing you can take for joints, and it does have a decent amount of MSM, but most of it’s other ingredients are far too low dosed to be within the effective range.

Suffice to say neither are making it onto our best joint supplements list any time soon. But, at least they're not Omega XL.

We tend to recommend FlexAgain to most people, it’s got the correct amount of omega, and the correct dosage of most of the ingredients in Flex Guard with the exception of collagen, but with a lot more that are actually more effective. And they have a money back guarantee, meaning there’s ultimately no risk. So, neither Flex Guard or Omega XL really stack up.

Flex Guard vs Omega XL Ingredients Comparison

FlexGuard Ingredients

FlexGuard is a complex dietary supplement that combines several key ingredients to support joint health. The formulation includes collagen hydrolysate, MSM, glucosamine, L-proline, Omega-3, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Although only the collagens and MSM are in any dosages that are in the effective ranges. Type I has shown promise in animal models, and some in humans, and this is within the ball park effective range. MSM could do with being double this amount, but some trials have shown it can work at 750mg. But, if we're looking at ingredients that are 15% of your RDI, or less than 10% in the case of Omega 3, we're not really expecting very much.

As for vitamin C, this only really matters if you're deficient. 

Ultiamtely this means that FlexGuards ingredients are some of the less proven for joint pain relief, but at least they have a few in the right dosages. 

Omega XL Ingredients

Omega XL, on the other hand, contains a proprietary blend of green-lipped mussel oil extract (PCSO-524), olive oil, and vitamin E. The specific amounts of each ingredient in the blend are not disclosed, not that it makes any difference 300mg is too low for all any of its benefits. A store brand standard cod liver oil would be better. 

So Flex Gaurd does win out between the two. 

Omega XL vs Flex Guard Safety

Both are generally considered safe, but people with shellfish allergies should avoid Flex Guard.

Omega XL vs Flex Guard Pricing

Flex Guard wins out here too, at $20 for a months supply vs $60. And it is at least reasonably priced. There is absolutely no reason for Omega XL to charge the price they do. 

Customer Review Comparison

Flex Guard wins out, Omega XL make a sub par product and don't let people cancel subscriptions, they're predatory so as you'd expect the customer reviews are terrible.

Checking our Omega XL's Better Business Bureau (it's under Great HealthWorks, Inc.) will quickly confirm the issues. 

Omega XL vs Flex Guard Conclusion

So, in short, avoid Omega XL at all costs, and Flex Guard could be fine if you're looking for a collagen supplement specifically. However, there are a lot better joint supplements on the market.

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