Crazybulk Clenbutrol Review

Clenbutrol - Avoid!

We can start and end this clenbutrol review in one sentence, don't buy it, it doesn't work and it's simply pretending to be a clinical fat burner by having a very similar name. This was a popular trend for poor quality weight loss aids about 10 years ago, although crazy bulk seem to be continuing this awful trend. If it was "clen" not just a fake version of it, quite frankly it would be dangerous, so were not even sure why they'd want to portray this anyway. 

Of course this sort of dishonest marketing is enough of a reason not to like clenbutrol, but it's ingredients list is also pretty terrible too. It makes a lot of massive claims such as helping you keep lean muscle mass whilst dieting, or shred body fat easier. Unfortunately it's one of the worst weight loss aids on the market, it isn't going to help you lose fat, it doesn't contain anything that actually works like glucomannan, 5htp or even caffeine.

We'd recommend that you pick up something that actually works like instant knockout or something else from our best weight loss aids list, which does actually contain these functional ingredients. 

Clenbutrol Review: Conclussion

Clenbutrol is a complete waste of time and money, we don't recommend that you even give clenbutrol a second look. It won't help you lose weight or burn fat, we honestly don't know how they got away with calling this a weight loss aid. It has no scientific backing and is in the price range of a high end fat burning supplement like instant knockout. Save yourself the time, money and unpleasant side effects and get something that actually works instead.

At best it could have some very mild energy boosting effects, but again you'd be far better off getting a cup of coffee.

Category Score
 Appetite 2/10
Cravings 1/10
Thermogenesis 1/10
Energy 3/10
Customer Reviews 1/10
Value 1/10
Overall 2/10