Injury Prevention At Work

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) result from repeated movements andawkward postures that fatigue and strain (and can permanently damage) soft tissues.Improper use and/or overuse of muscles and tendons in the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders,neck and back during work and recreational activities can cause cell damage by depletingoxygen and nutrients in the tissues. Because we use these body parts daily, they are givenlittle opportunity to repair themselves. A small ache or pain tolerated for a long timemay eventually result in RSI.When you understand the conditions that can cause injuries, you can modify your actions and the tools and equipment you use to reduce the potential for cumulative damage to your body. RSI is not just something that happens at work. You are also at risk when you are involved in household chores, hobbies, and sports. If your leisure time activities continue to strain the same tissues that you use at work, the problem is compounded. It is your responsibility to take care of your body.To learn more about how to care for your body to prevent repetitive strain injuries:
Start by reading the General Guidelines and Self Help measures provided on this website.

Browse other websites with ergonomic information which will increase your awareness of the causes of CTD and empower you to take responsibility for yourself.

Information on this website also addresses the concern of computer use and children. Workstations at home and schools are commonly not designed for children. It is important to prevent RSI in youth when children are first learning to use the computer.Finally, we include some information on the specific ergonomic problems encountered with aging