EASNA has three standing committees. Members are encouraged to join them at any time. For more information call EASNA Headquarters at 703-370-7435.

Knowledge, Transfer and Research

Mission: To engage enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who contribute to the EAP field and participate in the challenges and excitement of EAP research, program evaluation, development of new programs, and transferring that information and knowledge to others in the field.


Mission: To grow EASNA’s membership by retaining current members and attracting new members from the Employee Assistance and related fields. Participate in strategic marketing campaigns that effectively communicate the value of EASNA membership and the various programs and services available to support both organizations and individuals.


Mission: Support the Conference Committee by recruiting sponsors and exhibitors to participate in the next Institute (EASNA’s annual conference). Committee members contact prospects, both companies/individuals they know and other assigned by the chair. The executive director supports the administrative work of this committee.

Strategic Communication

Mission: To establish an approach to communicating EASNA activities, initiatives, and events that reflect consistent messages and branding. The Committee will review all messaging to ensure consistency, accuracy, and appropriateness of all communication information and will work with other EASNA Committees to disseminate such information.