EASNA is dedicated to improving workplace behavioral health through research and the exchange of information among researchers, evaluators, practitioners, and allied professionals.  By translating research into practice, EASNA works to create healthy and productive workplaces.

EASNA members receive the Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health: Employee Assistance Practice and Research, a quarterly refereed journal that profiles research in employee assistance and other related fields.

EASNA Research Notes

The Knowledge Transfer and Research Committee publishes the EASNA Research Notes addressing topics of current interest in the behavioral healthcare field. In the first edition of Notes you can learn more about the history and growth of the EAP field, a topic within the Selecting and Strengthening Employee Assistance Programs: A Purchaser’s Guide.

Visit the Publications page on this website to read more about the Purchaser’s Guide and EASNA Research Notes. EASNA welcomes submissions from members and nonmembers. Guidelines for authors are available.

Knowledge Transfer and Research Committee

EASNA’s Knowledge Transfer and Research Committee (KT&R) provides members the opportunity to be a part of research activities which aim to mobilize the dissemination of innovative practice and development of new technologies as well as build bridges to the greater research community.

Members of EASNA’s KT& R Committee are engaged in research and evaluation in a number of areas in the EAP field (see their bios on the KTR member page).

PBRN White Paper: Bridging Public Health with Workplace Behavioral Health Services

The Practice-Based Research Network published a white paper in September 2015 that is a call to action, encouraging collaboration among five stakeholder groups: work organizations, employee assistance (EA) professionals, researchers, educators of EA professionals, and funding agencies. The white paper, jointly sponsored by EAPA, EASNA, and the EA Research Foundation, was presented and discussed at EAPA’s Research Panel meeting at the World EAP Conference in San Diego on September 30. Read it here.