EAP Best Practices

EASNA serves as a trade association to guide and promote best practices within the employee assistance industry. Through research, professional collaboration, promotion of standards, and stakeholder engagement, EASNA is prepared to target those employee assistance services and practices that promote customer health, safety and productivity within the workplace.

Under the mission and purview of the Professional Practices Committee, EASNA offers best practices documents on a variety of topics impacting today’s workplace. The best practices documents listed below, and the discussions that can be generated for each topic, are intended to represent expert standards and perspective that represent best practices in the industry.

We assert that best practices evolve based upon research and the collective benefit of professional perspective. To that end, we encourage you to read the articles and offer your perspective in the comments section located at the end of each article. The Professional Practices Committee will review your comments for suitability and appropriateness to the topic. These moderated comments will be periodically posted to the article. We encourage you to visit the site often to read the ideas and perspectives that you and your peers have shared.