The Importance of Grassroots Lobbying for EAPs

As the EAP industry trade association in North America, it is essential that EASNA represent the legislative and regulatory interests of the EAPs. We do this by influencing legislation and regulations to create favorable business and clinical legislative and regulatory climates to facilitate the growth of EAPs. This growth will occur if we create a positive business climate (grants/incentives) for businesses to purchase EAP programs (external programs) or employ EA professionals (internal programs). Additionally, EASNA’s advocacy efforts discourage regulations that would be overly burdensome to EAP purchasers or inconsistent with EASNA’s clinical professional practice principles.

EASNA’s Investment

EASNA’s Board of Directors has retained two legislative consulting firms (one in the US, one in Canada) to ensure the success of our lobbying efforts:  For both Canada and the US these firms have:

  • Created comprehensive training materials to empower you, our members to be effective grassroots lobbyists.  Even if you have never done grassroots lobbying before, each step is explained and made easy
  • Identified the EAP relevant legislators, committees and staffers and provided their contact information
  • Organized an annual “EASNA Lobby Day” in Washington DC and Ottawa, including making appointments with the EAP relevant government officials

Your Investment: Participate in EASNA’s Lobby Day

Just one day a year, EASNA needs YOUR participation in our annual lobby days in Ottawa or Washington DC. You are the EAP expert. You are the credible industry professionals who can be the knowledgeable voice of EAPs and ensure that North American governments appreciate the value of EAP and ensure its vibrant future through favorable legislation and regulation.

EASNA’s Lobby Day Objectives

With each lobby day we seek to achieve the following:

  • Become the recognized EAP industry representative in the eyes of US and Canadian legislators/regulators and positively influence legislation/regulation to create a favorable business and clinical climate so that EAP programs grow and flourish in North America.  Our 2012 goals:
  • Educate legislators and regulators in Washington DC and Ottawa that EASNA exists and establish that EASNA is the EAP industry trade association.
  • Become recognized in Ottawa and Washington, DC, as the resource for information/consultation about the EAP industry, should it come up for legislators/regulators via the media, in a constituent letter, in a bill, or a draft regulation.
  • Advocate for legislation or regulations that will create a favorable business and/or clinical climate to facilitate EAP growth in Canada and the US. Initial legislative/regulatory efforts will be targeted to support small businesses (less than 100 employees) that currently do not have an EAP to encourage them to implement one.

Sign Up Now for the Lobby Day in Your Country

Currently there are no lobby days planned for either Canada or the US. For more information on future events, please call EASNA Headquarters.