Canadian Issues

Meeting Held in Quebec City to Discuss Counselling in Quebec through EFAPs

EASNA met recently with the Commissionnaire of the Health and Welfare for the Province of Quebec, Canada, to present the opportunity for private-public partnership in improving the reach of counselling to the citizens of Quebec through Employee and Family Assistance Programs. There had been some indication that the current government was interested in looking at how psychological counselling services could be expanded within the current system of Health Services within the Province. There had been no consultation on this matter with private services provided by employers through EAP and EFAPs.

EASNA Past President François Legault led a group of representatives from major EAP providers in Quebec and Canada at this meeting. The presentation was well received and although the Commissionnaire has completed his review of the Health Care System in 2013 and that the report will soon be posted and tabled with the Provincial Minister of Health, he offered to make sure that the information provided would be made available to his successor for future considerations. He also offered to inform us if there is any interest for further consideration following the reading of the report by the Minister.