With an eye toward best practices in the Employee Assistance (EA) industry, the EASNA Board of Directors recognizes the value of supporting and enhancing industry standards and accreditation processes.

The EASNA Board of Directors acknowledges that COA (Council on Accreditation) is one of several accrediting organizations that fosters standards, and recognizes COA’s:

  • 8th Edition Standards, including standards specific to EAP.
  • peer-based accreditation process.
  • Standards as researched and evidenced-based, and reflective of the collaborative effort between COA and EASNA.
  • accreditation process which demonstrates that organizations meet best practices in the EA industry, and commits to on-going quality management and improvement.

In continued support of best practices in the EA industry, the EASNA Board of Directors is committed to continue to collaborate with COA, and other standards organizations, in the development and maintenance of Standards specific to EA, and to similarly collaborate with the practices and processes of other accrediting organizations as potential resources for its members and the industry at large.