2018 Institute Presentations

Following are copies of the presentations received from some of the presenters featured at our 2018 Institute

Case Study Presentation – Resilience and Success after Recent Mexico Earthquakes

The Evolution of Mental Health Support for First Responders

Keynote: Addressing the Spectrum of Disrespectful Workplace Behavior

Keynote Panel Discussion: Developing and Sustaining a Respectful Workplace: Best Practices and Future Directions

Embedding Your EAP by Creating a Peer Network

Unprecedented: The Role of EAP and Healthcare Organizations in Managing Multiple Disasters

The Science of Happiness and Workplace Wellbeing

Disrupting the Way We Think of Emotional Wellbeing at Work: Leveraging 3 Resilience Factors for Greater Emotional, Mental & Physical Health in the Workplace

Towards an Integrated Model of Workplace Health and Wellbeing: Risk Reduction and Prevention Solutions

Investigating Resilience & Self-Efficacy in Workplace Counseling

Rapid Fire #1: Does Sexual Harassment Training Really Work?

Rapid Fire #2: Curiosity, Candor & Kindness: Hidden Gems to Advancing Emotional Wellbeing at Work