EASNA Statement on Responding to Workplace Violence

The recent fatal terrorist attacks in Ottawa and Montreal remind us all that tragedy often strikes without warning, and when we least expect. But these attacks, as horrific as they were, have also shown us tremendous examples of individual heroism and collective resolve–hallmarks of the resilient spirit of the Canadian people.

We note that these attacks took place in both commercial and governmental settings (a mall parking lot and the Parliament Building), and as such significantly affected those workplaces involved. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)are uniquely positioned to offer guidance, input, and direct strategic interventions to the workplace following traumatic events. Reach out to your Employee Assistance Program to determine how they can support your workplace. Refer to the “Responding to Workplace Violence” white paper on how to establish an approach to minimize the likelihood of workplace violence in your organization.

EASNA stands ready to support EAPs in this crucial mission through consultation, access to resources, and the collective strength of a unified membership. For more information contact EASNA Executive Director Bob McLean, CAE, at 703-416-0060.

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